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Lady Shoes Manufacturer with over 18 Years Experience

YingHua is a professional private label lady fashion shoes manufacturer in China. We offer OEM and ODM to our clients. Our factory produces a wide range of custom shoes, including heels, flat, clog, wedge, sneaker and more. We provide our customers with higher quality products, timely delivery, and better services.

With years of development, our clients are spread throughout the USA, Canada, Australia, Newzealand, the United Kingdom, Poland and Denmark. We have helped over a lot of clients establish their own shoe brands.


Women's Heels Manufacturer in China

In the dazzling starry sky of the fashion industry, high heels are undoubtedly the most dazzling star. They not only carry women's ultimate pursuit of beauty, but also represent confidence and elegance. Fashionable high heels, with their diverse designs and materials, accurately capture the trend pulse of each season. From classic pointed high heels to retro square high heels, and then to fashionable and personalized crystal diamonds, each style tells a different fashion story.

Not only that, fashionable high heels also cleverly modify leg lines and elongate body proportions through changes in height, shoe shape, and color, allowing every woman to find the most suitable pair and confidently take every step. Whether it's shining stars on the red carpet, capable women in the workplace, or fashion experts in daily life, fashionable high heels are an indispensable fashion item for them.

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YingHua footwear co., ltd has been growing and operating consistently in Houjie China. We focus on high end leather shoes for ladies.
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